Wedding Dress Trends: Dresses with a split

Hey Lovelies!! I hope you are all well and your wedding planning is going smoothly!! Today  I wanted to talk to you about dress designs, thee most important part of your wedding let’s face it, and the most obsessive part of your day, Your wedding dress design will represent your personality, bringing out your beauty and making you feel like that princess you have always been dreaming about.

When doing some research for this year’s designers I have noticed a style that I feel is amazingly beautiful and I had to show you, it is daring and would make you look that extra sexy and desirable, if that’s the style you are going for. The style I am talking about is wedding dresses with thigh high splits, yes you read right, the style that is hitting 2017 are these amazing designs that have that sexy thigh high splits, giving everyone that little peek of leg as you walk down the aisle.

I’m sure there will be a lot of brides that will think absolutely not!! that is not the way a bridal dress should look like!! Why not? Why can’t you be different? Why can’t you show off those fabulous legs?As I have said many times, your wedding day represents your style and personality and if this is the style for you then I say go for it.

There are so many designs that I have managed to get for you that I feel are absolutely breath-taking, with me being new to the bridal blogging I am starting to see and notice designers that are really standing out to me, with their outstanding styles, fabrics and details, I’ll be doing a separate blog post on my favourite designers soon.

Stay and have a look at the below styles that I feel you will absolutely love.


I really hope you have liked my post and I would love to hear your thoughts so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.



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