Soft Grey & Peach Pantone Colours For Your Wedding Day!

Hey Lovelies! Here I am today wanting to spread the love I have for the Grey & Peach duo, I have noticed a huge interest for this duo and it wouldn’t surprise me if this will be hitting weddings this spring/summer.

The ways that you can combine the 2 colours is beautiful, from bright peaches to soft pastels along with the soft grey and even a deeper tone, there is such a variety and with the ability to mix and match you could also introduce a touch of melon colour? This would make it all pop.

Other great ideas would be to introduce these colours onto the groom and batsman, depending on what they wearing, if they are going for the suit, then they can have the grey suit with a peach bow/tie with a peach pin hole or if he is a Scotsman then (there is nothing greater than seeing a man in a kilt, come on we have to admit it ladies) then there are huge options, when looking for kilts you have a HUGE selection so there is no way that you won’t get that perfect design and colour to match in with you,

Have a look below and get that inspiration you desire to get you in the mood for planning.




Thank you so much for reading my blog posts, it means the world, if there is anything that you wish to get inspiration with please do not hesitate to send me a message and i will do my best to put something together




















  1. Meli | 29th Mar 17

    This is the perfect tone combo, soft but still there! It’s also perfect for any venue!

    • suzanne johnston | 29th Mar 17

      Thank you so much Meli, the colours are different and beautiful xxx

  2. Kate | 29th Mar 17

    Wow! These colors create such a striking combination! I absolutely love them together!

    • suzanne johnston | 29th Mar 17

      they are absolutely beautiful aren’t they, so soft for the spring and summer coming in xxx

  3. Alison | 29th Mar 17

    This color combination is gorgeous!! That would be such a beautiful wedding.

    • suzanne johnston | 29th Mar 17

      It would be so striking and beautiful, perfect for the spring/summer coming in xxx

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