Over The Top Wedding Cakes

Wanting to bring out your inner creativity? Lets make your wedding day exactly the way you want it.

When thinking of your wedding day a lot of brides feel that it has to be simple and basic, there is no way you can have the bright orange bridemaids or the extravagant over the top wedding cake, why can’t you? Why can’t you express your personality? Your wedding day is all about expressing your love for each other and also bringing out your personalities and taste so this is your opportunity to be extravagant, add your personal touch and make your impression.

One of the main features on your wedding day will be your cake, now again you can have as simple as you want to be but we aren’t here to talk about simple, we are here to talk about over the top wedding cakes, I absolutely love an over the top cake that oozes flowers, diamonds and even the ornament that can be placed at the top of your cake, there are loads of funny wee characters but that’s a different blog post.
I have put together some of the most over the top cake designs to some that are maybe a little calmer however still has that flamboyant look about them, I hope you love them.


So come on let’s make your day full of your guest say WOW and not that’s NICE or that’s PRETTY.
Hope I have helped you feel better and braver and please let me know or email me some pictures of what your cake looks like.




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