NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette Review

The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette has to be one of my best pigmented blush formula’s I have tried, and for the price, I just had to let you know allll about it,

The  Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette features eight highly pigmented and buttery-smooth colors that flawlessly suit any skin tone. Perfect for everyone from the pro on the go to the budding beauty guru, this beautiful set brings together a variety of exclusive shades in both matte and shimmery finishes!


The blush comes in an 8-pan palette. Also, it is a good quality plastic case, considering the low price. I love the fact that the packaging is transparent so you are able to see all the colours you are buying, it’s the small things eh! The package is so sleek, and easy to hold and handle with some product-related information on the back. The cap shuts with a click, making it easier to carry around without any hassle.

The Shades

There are 8 shades in the palette ranging from shimmer to matte finishes with shades matching almost all the skin tones.

The formula is so beautiful, that it is a dream to apply, however you do need to be light handed with them because the pigmentation is high, when I first applied, I had to use a larger brush to tone it down, so keep this in mind, a little product goes a long way. Me being me and knowing there are no rules in the makeup world, I sometimes use them as eyeshadow, yes your reading right, and I don’t think im the only one that uses blushes as eyeshadow, am I?

Below I have put a brief description of each shade for you so you can get to know this palette a bit better.

Shade 1: It is a pinkish shimmer shade that can be used as a highlighter.
Shade 2: It is a coral shimmery shade that can also be used as a highlighter also.
Shade 3: The colour is a transition from shimmery to matte in the palette, and the shade looks a bit like brick red.
Shade 4: It is an orange shade. I love this colour.
Shade 5: It is a beautiful shade that provides a clean matte finish. The shade is a pinkish red colour..
Shade 6: The colour is intense and looks like a reddish plum shade. This colour is my absolute favourite in the palette.
Shade 7 and Shade 8: These two are Barbie pinks, and the colours might suit well for fairer skin tones, but for my skin tone, it looks a bit hideous.


Overall thoughts

I am crazy about this palette, I just feel that NYX can do no wrong at the moment when it comes to their makeup ranges, everything I’ve purchased from them have been brilliant which keeps me going back for more. The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette is for sure a palette I would recommend, to me it ticks all the boxes from high pigmentation, Variety of colours to suit different skin tones, light weight to travel with, the list goes on, I use this palette everyday and I don’t think ill be stopping for a long time to come, so if your  interested in the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush palette then Click here to head straight over to their Website or you can also purchase it in Boots so for that website Click here.

Let me know your thought on this palette!



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