Look Fantastic Beauty Box May 2017

Here I am again taking about the wonderful Look Fantastic monthly subscription beauty box! Im sorry im a bit late with this but unfortunately I was unwell when I received it and I also had my friends hen weekend in beniborm , so as you can imagine I haven’t been in the game, however things have moved on and im now on top form raring to go.

So this month I am here to show you is MAY! I can’t believe we are in may right now, this year is disappearing before my eyes and I just can’t get enough of my monthly descriptions from Look Fantastic, incase you were unaware that I use to have the glossy box subscription with is great however I did find that I was getting repeated items and wasn’t the best of products so I found out about the Look Fantastic beauty box because my husband bought me the Look Fantastic advent calendar, the rest is history and I’m so pleased with my discussion.

If you don’t know about the Look Fantastic monthly subscription beauty box then you are missing out, Each month you get a beauty box that is full of great products ranging throughout the beauty categories, makeup, body scrubs and hair care!

The box consists of 6-7 products with each month having its own theme, which means all the products evolve around that theme which is brilliant.

This May monthly box is all about the Glow for the summer coming! With summer around the corner it is that time when all us lovely ladies like to start prepping our skin so we can show off our skin, getting the shine back into your hair and the glow across your faces, because lets face it, as soon as the sun starts to shine we strip off, who agrees ha

Okay so back to the products, I have put below images and a small description of each item I received this month:


H20 Gradual Tan Mist

This fine mist hydrates and nourishes the skin, whilst also imparting a hint of colour for a sun kissed finish.

System Professional Luxe Oil.

The system professional Luxe Oil is a potent eilixir, enriched with a blend of oils to nourish and condition the Hair.

Scrub Love – Coconut cranberry body scrub

This natural exfoliant is formulated with 100% organic and roasted coffee, as well as coconut oil, to gently smooth your skin, it also smells incredible.


This softly pigmented shadow gives a gorgeous shimmer for a bright and luminous finish, I love the pigmentation.

Real chemistry luminous 3 minute face peel

The real chemistry peel gets your skin glowing thanks to its unique blend of proteins that removes dead skin cells, leaving you with a renewed complexion.

Glov Hydro Demaquillage

The Glov Hydro Demaquillage is made from Hypoallergenic fibres to gently remove makeup and impurities, leaving your skin healthy and glowy! Result!!

NuFace – Prep n Glow cleaning cloth

Each individual cleansing cloth is individually wrapped for maximum efficacy, and features a soft cotton lace side to gentle remove makeup, dirt and impurities, and and exfoliating side with micro-dots to delicately polish and refine skin.

If you are interested in the Look Fantastic Beauty box then head over to their website to learn more – CLICK HERE

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