Look Fantastic Beauty Box – January 2016

I cannot believe that we are actually in January 2017!! I have absolutely no idea where the months and years are going, I feel like it was only yesterday that I was working my way through the santa lists the girls made and staying up late to wrap. Saying this it is a fresh new year with new goals so let’s get going.

So yesterday when I was in the zone of taking pictures for my blog, the door bell went, there was my post man holding my Look fantastic beauty box, he knows I’m going to be a happy girl when I receive this. This is my second box I’ve received through the post, the first was brilliant, I caught it in time for christmas which was great to get some festive treats.

The theme for this month is all about starting a fresh year with some suggestions for a new skin care regime if you are looking for one, with it being a new year it is always the best time to start trying new products, testing out what will be good for your skin, hair and body.

The box has a fresh simplicity vibe about it with the box being plain white with an inspiration quote on the front, AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS –  this is so perfect with most people looking for new goals and adventures.

I get so excited when its time to opening the box, i just can’t help it, there is always something wonderful about getting a surprise because I have no idea what to expect, thats the whole idea. Inside the box there are 6 products, this is impressive because I had the glossy box for a couple of years and they had 5 products, sometimes on occasions we got an extra surprise if we were lucky.

As I have mentioned above, the theme is to help refresh your skin care routine and introduce you to new products, so lets see whats inside.

TRIFLE COSMETICS Liquid Glow – Starting with my favourite, this rosy tone highlighter is just beautiful, this is perfect to dab on your cheeks to give you that not only a highlighter effect but you can use it for blush to give you a soft healthy glow, added bonus is its formulated with Cocoa Butter to nourish your skin and add essential hydration.

JELLY PONG PONG Fairy Lashes Mascara – I have used Jelly Pong Pong before, it was a golden liquid highlighter, I loved it and have been meaning to look them up again so I was pleased to see them in this months box, This mascara gives you incredible length and volume which every gal wants, the formula is free from chemicals and is enriched with moringa seed resin, which helps to keep your lashes looking luscious all day long, i have it on now and I’m very impressed so far.

THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY Rose Gold Tweezers – I have already have a pair of these tweezers and I love them, so I was so happy to receive another pair, they are solid tweezers, there is nothing cheap about them and of course I absolutely love the fact they are gold with engraved company logo, it’s the simple things isn’t it. they really do help keep plucking to the minimal pain and helps create a beautiful finish because it has that slanted tip which helps give you a more precise finish, I would highly recommend you look these up.

NUXE Nuxellence Eclat – I was so intrigued when I seen this product, I’m not hugely clued up on the NUXE products however I have seen a lot of people mention it so I am more than pleased to give this toner a go, I love a good toner, I feel they are the fretting part of your skin care regime, once you have given your face a good wash, there is nothing better than gently wiping a toner over your face before you moisturise, toners are an essential part of your regime and this product recharges your skin with a blend of passion-flower and hyaluronic acid,  another goody.

PIXI brow tamer – Well I was more than pleased when I seen this item from PIXI, I received the toner from the Look fantastic advent calendar 2016 and I had it finished within a week, brilliant product, so this is the Brow tamer which is a long-lasting brow gel that leaves your brows preened to perfection. It contains a blend of soothing Aloe Vera and Panthenol, with the tweezers and the brow gel you will be rocking fabulous brows.

BRIOGEO Deep Conditioning mask – This product I don’t know about, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually good because I have now become aware of it and I’m interested, This deep conditioning mask contains a nourishing blend of Avocado oil and Vitamin B complex to add essential hydration into your hair, I’m always looking for a good hair mask so I’m excited to try this tonight.


Im was excited to read that they will be hosting a #LFBeautyBox Twitter Party on Thursday 19th January from 7pm – 8pm GMT, what you will expect will be exclusive tips from brands and bloggers, plus you will get  the chance to winsome great prizes, so come along it will be great to talk to you all and find out about what you all love.

I am so glad I made the decision to go with Look Fantastic monthly description, The thought and effort that goes into each month shows, so a massive well done and thank you to you all, you are making lots of young ladies very happy.

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