Ideas you can do with your Bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding day!

Hey Beautiful brides to be, I hope your week is going good and your ready for another excited post all about ideas you can do with your Bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding day!!

Now let’s make sure that we use every part of your day to be as special as you can, including the morning of your wedding!!

So what do you in the morning? Who are you spending it with? Well the main people are your bridesmaids, yes your besties and I couldn’t think of better people to share it with!
With girl chats and giggles, it won’t be hard to make this a great morning you will always remember.
So let’s go through a few ideas that I did with my bridesmaid and a few other ideas that will be a brilliant for your day:


You want to spend the morning feeling comfortable, there is no need for you to be dressed up in something that is not necessary because you know fine well that most of the time you will be relaxing having a few glasses of champagne trying to relax your nerves,  you know the day is all about you (lets face it) however you still want your bridesmaids to feel important so why not treat them to something comfortable to wear too? There are so many companies now a days that you can buy these beautiful pyjamas that you have prints of your bridesmaids and even for the brides, if you couldn’t find something that you liked or they are to expensive, a good idea would be to choose jammies you like and then go on Amazon or ebay where you can purchase amazing transfers (this is what I did).
Below are some ideas:


Now this is an important one!! We all love to have a wee celebration with our friends, well we really don’t need much of an excuse but your wedding day is a good one, Champagne is always an obvious choice so why not add a little special touch… you could add strawberries, some chambord…there are loads of choices, even the way your present it to your bridesmaid will make it special, so I have put below some ideas and I have also added a link HERE for Cocktail recipes, now remember you still need to get married so maybe only have a couple!!!


If you choose to get your hair and makeup done by professionals it would be a great to have them come to you! There are thousands of freelance hairstylist and makeup artist that come to you and most of the time they can recommend each other so if you get a makeup artist you can be sure there will be a freelance hair stylist, This makes everything more relaxing knowing that you don’t need to rush out to the hairdressers and then rush back to get your dress on in time for he cars to arrive, yes it sounds hectic doesn’t it, well if you decide on this option there is more time for bonding and more time for a champagne and more time for you all to look fabulous.


You can choose this time to give your bridesmaid there presents! some brides like to give their gifts when they ask them to be there bridesmaid or some like to leave it till the morning off whichever way it will be a lovely surprise for your bridesmaids! in these gifts you most likely choose personal items that will suit your bridesmaids from personalised candles to the jewellery they will be wearing on the day, so if you’re looking to make it all that much more special, see below some ideas you can do to surprise them.


I really hope this has helped you and as I always say, if there is anything that you would like a post about then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will always do my very best to put something together for you.





  1. Nicole | 5th Apr 17

    Such cute ideas! Wish I had seen this when I got married lol!

    • suzanne johnston | 5th Apr 17

      Thank you so much Nicole! there are so many beautiful ideas that you can do now a days
      Love Suzanne xx

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