Walking down the aisle can be a daunting thought, with all eyes on you, it can make the whole process over whelming, There were the days when walking down the aisle was just yourself and your bridesmaid however as the times have moved on there are so many ways and things you can introduce into the walking down the aisle process, its incredible,
When I walked down the aisle I was lucky enough to have my 2 daughters as my flower girls and I had my best friend as my bridesmaid, I kept is small, I came up with the idea that I wanted Lucie and Alesha to walk down the aisle holding a heart-shaped sign, one saying ‘watch out daddy’ and the other saying ‘here comes mummy’, I loved this ideas so I went on my search, found a lady that makes them from home and ordered a set, feeling excited I showed Lucie (5 years old at the time) what I had got and asked what her thoughts where, being a young girl that likes to do the opposite as you, decided she didn’t want this and preferred to have a white basket filled with petals so she can scatter them as she walked down towards her daddy, I wanted our girls to be happy so I opted out of the signs and got them white baskets with pink petals, which may I add they didn’t scatter the petals as they walked because they were so nervous and couldn’t take their eyes off their daddy ( Andy ) they completely forgot to do it.
When trying to decide what you would like to do, your best to start with who your having in your wedding part! who will be walking down the aisle with you, once you have this in mind you can create a theme and colour scheme, all of this plays a vital part into how everything comes together. Once you have all this in place then you can decide on what will fit best,
Now you have to remember that this is your day and you can do and have whatever you want, if you want to walk down the extravagant way then do so and you want it nice and simple then you do that too, the world is you oyster.

I have put together some ideas that I feel would be amazing to make your entrance special, i have also thrown in a couple of ideas to make your walkway look beautiful, I hope you like them.


Below is a picture of what the girls had when making their entrance.

Lets make your day special and unique, If you have some ideas I would love to hear about them and also let me see your pictures of what you walked down the aisle with.



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