Girls Day Out 2016

Who managed to get themselves along to the girls day out event at the SECC? incase you are not aware or heard of the Girls Day Out event, this is a yearly event that invites all those fabulous women out there to come along and experience a world of makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, with stalls you may know of and others that are looking to be heard, this day is the perfect time to get together with friends and have a Girls Day Out, if you want to hear about my experience please keep reading.

I thought I would start by breaking down a few of the things you can expect from the event:

  1. Preview upcoming products to be launched, and take a sneaky look at trends from shoes to handbags and dresses.
  2. Those who pre-book their tickets can enjoy a fabulous goody bag including two complimentary drinks and a fake bake body scrub or body cream.
  3. Choose from the endless cocktail list or get one of the waiters to surprise you with something special. Indulge in a beverage whilst watching the fashion show or while you’re getting your nails done.
  4. Join in on the fun with Buff Butlers… these cheeky semi-naked waiters walk around offering drinks, shots what ever it is I’m sure it will help make your day special.

This year I was honoured to be asked along to the Girls day out 2016 press event hosted at the metropolitan bar in merchant city, Glasgow back in October, there was several companies with presentations including Fake Bake, Urban Decay, F.A.C.E and Urban hair and beauty. The event was brilliant giving you more insite into how the brands started their journey and what the newest styles and collections coming out, one of the perks of attending was I was presented with a goodie back that consisted of many treats and samples to try but the main bonus was the press pass giving me free entry into the Girls Day Out 2016 event, also it gave me access into everywhere apart for the master classes for Jamie Genevieve and meet and greet with Mark wright, this was at an extra cost.

Once I got together with my friend at the bar out side the event we of course had to have a small beverage to get us into the mood to shop, it doesn’t take much really but any excuse eh!!When I walked into the event I had no idea where to start, do I go left or do I go right? I was so confused, going right felt like the right thing to do so that’s how it all started.

With the place bouncing with about every women in Glasgow we managed to find our way about easy enough, going from stall to stall I was becoming more aware that a lot of the brands I wasn’t familiar with however having a chat with a lot of nice people I was able to find out more about the brands and what they had to offer. whilst all the shopping’s going on I was aware of the entertainment that was happening around me from singers, dancers and bands there was never a dull moment. Walking around shopping can be a thirsty job so me and my friends decided to get out freebies out and get a cocktail which were pretty small but I shouldn’t expect anymore as it was free, once we were watered we carried on our fun going from stall to stall treating ourselves to some small goodies and taking advantage of the discounts.

There was a few brands that stood out to me the most and I feel that I would like to give them a mention because I was so impressed with their products and how lovely the staff were, that I will definitely checking out the online stores to find out more.

The Candelle and Co –

The first I would like to mention is Candelle and Co, I actually was lucky enough to receive some of their melts in my goodie bag at the GDO press event back in October and when I got around to burning them I was so like Wow where can I by these wee beauties, the smells that come from these melts are insane and I noticed that I was able to burn them a lot more times than your normal melts. Candelle and Co are a small family based company based in Glasgow and were established in 2015 creating candles, melts, diffuser and more,  all made by hand and they even design and print their own labels. On the day of GDO I was lucky enough to meet the founder called Danielle Calder, what a lovely lady and she was so lovely to my friends who were also very impressed with her products, I would definitely go onto their website or go along to their shop to check out their products, you won’t be disappointed.

Powder n Pout –

The second company I wanted to mention was a makeup brush company called Powder n Pout which is based in Ireland Donegal to be exact, I was so happy to come across this stall because at this time I am on the hunt for a good set of Makeup brushes, I feel mine have seen better days so of course I have to purchase more 🙂 The founder for Powder n Pout is called Aisling Cunningham who herself is a makeup artist and is filled with love for makeup and understands the importance of getting that perfect application and has created these amazing makeup brushes. you can also see Powder n Pout featured in many papers and magazines in Ireland and the UK so hopefully you have heard of them, if not please head over to their website and check out their collections.

Star Dust by Beauty Boulevard –

Okay so what ladies doesn’t like a bit of glitter?? as soon as I seen this stall called Beauty Boulevard well I just had to investigate because when I see glitter I can’t help but get my hands on whatever they are offering, I had to wait in a very long queue which wasn’t to bad because the stall was just beside the entertainment so happy days. I managed to purchase 2 lip gliders and a hair glitter, absolutely stunning to say the least, perfect for partys, I have also found out that they have been on dragon’s den which is very impressive, to read more about that click here. Head over to their website to see more of their sparkly products.

Boozi Bodycare Cocktails –

Now I was very happy when I came across this stall, I was so amazed at what products they had, Boozi Bodycare kinda says it all but I will explain that it is a company that creates skin care products ranging from shower gel, hand creams, body lotions, lip balms, gift sets and much much more, also all there products are based around all types of cocktails, so being a cocktail lover my eyes lit up when I approached, from french martini to woowoo’s what a brilliant present to give to someone, I actually bought the WooWoo gifts set that contained the a shower gel, body cream and hand cream for my mum and can i say they are at a very affordable price.

Giving my over all opinion about Girls Day Out I would say that it is a good day to have with your girl friends however be prepared for stalls that you probably won’t have heard of, now I’m not saying this is a bad thing because I was really happy to have come across the companys I have mentioned above, if it wasn’t for GDO I might not have heard of them so I have to say thank you for that however I would have liked to have seen more bigger brands, even though Urban Decay and Benefit where there I found it very difficult to get anywhere near them which was disappointing but understandable with them being the biggest brands there, So hopefully next year we will see more well known brands. I Would also like to mention that there were fake makeup brands there which I know a lot of ladies weren’t happy with, being a makeup fanatic myself I would rather pay that extra couple of pounds to get the real product however when you see these stalls that have the fake products it was bit annoying so I just walked straight past, putting that aside I would definitely like to go again and its a brilliant excuse to get together with your friends and do what we do best and that is shop and drink.

To find out more about Girls Day Out go check out there website to keep up today with information –



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  1. LJ Carson | 29th Dec 16

    Well done Suzy, great to read an honest opinion on such a big event. This reflects the opinion of many who attended which can be seen on the reviews! Also loved the Candelle Co when my candles need re stocked I’m going there ?

    • S.JOHNSTON | 29th Dec 16

      Thank you so much Lisa, your comment means a lot. Honesty is the best policy its not a bad thing so i still do feel we had a good time and you know i love a good excuse to have a drink and see my favourite friends 🙂 xxx

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