Garner Moisture Bomb Tissue Sheet Mask Review

Have you tried sheet masks? I think what I should really be saying is who hasn’t? The beauty world is going crazy over these sheets mask. you can get them everywhere and even the higher nabs are starting sell them, thanks to budget beauty brands such as Garnier, you can now stock up in your local supermarket of all places. If you have always wanted to try out a decent quality sheet mask, the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask may just be what you have been waiting for.


What is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask?

As you may have guessed, the Garner Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is the treatment product that has been designed to nestle between the Garner Moisture Bomb Day and Night creams ( review coming soon). Much like any sheet mask – or tissue mask – this is a quick, cheap and cheerful method for an instant, non-irritating dose of moisture with minimal fuss and effort. The beauty of sheet masks is that they can be used pretty much anywhere, which happens to be especially helpful when travelling. the trend has even gone as far as wearing them on planes whilst you travel, why not you know its important to keep your skin healthy.

The Garner Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask contains one whole week’s worth of hydrating serum, meaning this is slightly more intense, impressively the Garner Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is not only constructed from 100% natural cellulose finer tissue to both feed the serum into the skin and lock it in place too, but the serum itself isn’t half bad considering it costs a mere £1!


The serum the mask is soaked in, is loaded with hyaluronic acid and naturally derived ingredients such as pomegranate. As you may be aware, hyaluronic acid has an amazing ability to retain water (moisture), so when topically applied to the skin not only will it instantly hydrate but will do so for days to come, along with smoothing, plumping and generally leaving the skin feeling and looking youthful. The other main ingredient is Pomegranate which is used here as an antioxidant aka a way of repairing and preventing environmental damage.

Overall thoughts

Garner Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is as cooling as sheet masks come and really well cut in shape and size, I did find it to be super moisturising and generally quite a skin calming mask-come-serum and a steal at just £1 per mask. The mask is soak in product that you know for sure will help with your moisture, with this being said with the rest of the product that is in the packet or the execs on your face you can spread down to your neck, don’t for get bout your neck ladies!!

I would love to see more low brands product these amazing sheet mask, watch this space!!

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  1. Marina Rosie | 3rd Apr 17

    Oh yes, I loved sheet masks (although they make me look ridiculous and I end up frightening my family) and for £1 I would definitely get this one! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina rosie x

    • suzanne johnston | 5th Apr 17

      I know, my husband just looks the other way when i have a sheet mask on haha, i love them! so easy and less mess, thank you for reading my post love suzanne xxx

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  3. Ericka Murphy | 26th Apr 17

    I love face masks! Totally going to try this one!

    • suzanne johnston | 2nd May 17

      You should definitely try these, you will love them! so refreshing and will bring moisture to your face
      Suzanne xx

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