Garner Skin Active Moisture Bomb Day and Night Cream Review

Hey Lovelies, Here I am today to let you know my thoughts on the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb day and night cream.

When it comes to my skin care im kinda a simple girl, I just can’t bring myself to do the 5 steps that some girls do in the morning and at night, do we really need to put ourselves through that?

I am so pleased I have come across the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb collection, I love everything about but, The day and night moisturisers is described as a “super-recharging antioxidant gel-cream” which “hydrates up to 10 layers of skin” and “recharges” and “rep lumps skin“. So you know that that is enough information for you to get yourself to the shops and see what you can get, so in this collection you can get:

  1.  Super hydrating tissue masks – Click here to see my review
  2.  Multi protecting hydrating mist
  3.  Moisture Bomb Water-Cream Day Moisturiser
  4.  Moisture bomb night cream
  5.  Moisture bomb 3 in 1

Such a great collection with plenty of options to get your skin hydrated, I wish I had it all but today I want to let you know all about the day and night moisturising creams.



The packaging isn’t great but it does the job. It has such a light feel about it that you would think it was empty but you get 50ml so don’t worry there is product in there! The package has a soft blue tone with a white screw lid, great for travelling due to the lightness however you are getting a cheap style package, with this you do need to bear in mind that it is an affordable £7.99 and on offer you can pick it up for £4.99! bargain.

My Thoughts

I have to say first off that a little goes along way with these products. At first touch it is very much like a standard gel cream, it feels like the cream was turning into some kind of water consistency that my skin drinks up straight away, It’s honestly such a strange texture which makes it unique and nothing like you would have tried before. It has a slight aquatic scent to it which is pretty much undetectable once applied.

Immediately after application, my skin was left feeling fresh and cool, but not heavy, the product soaked in so fast it felt great, with me having to rush in the mornings between getting my kids sorted for school/nursery and having to get myself to work in time, I pretty much put my foundation on immediately after applying the day cream because I know that it soaks into my skin straight away which Is a great bonus for us mums on the run, When I apply the moisture bomb night cream, again this soaks in immediately making going straight into bed a bit more relaxing, not having to worry about getting product onto your pillows.


I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and it has really given my skin a much-needed moisture hit and I can wake up every day with supple, fresh skin. I absolutely love the consistence of the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb day and night cream, it’s so light weight with package and product so if you’re looking to hydrated your skin for the spring/summer weather then this is the range for you.

To purchase the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb day and night cream head over to Superdrugs and Boots

If your interested in the Super hydrating tissue masks  CLICK HERE for a full review





  1. kerona | 6th Apr 17

    amazing review!! very detailed

    • suzanne johnston | 7th Apr 17

      Thank you so much,they are amazing products so it was a pleasure to right about them xxx

  2. Taylor Jane | 7th Apr 17

    I am loving this collection by Garnier as well. I adore the sheet masks where they are so bloody affordable as well as do such a good job. The hydration to the skin is unbelievable! Loved this post <3

    Taylor Jane xx

    • suzanne johnston | 7th Apr 17

      Thank you so much xx I’m so in love with this collection i didnt want to stop righting about them and the sheet masks are fantastic for your skin, so pleased you liked my post xxx

  3. Emily-May | 9th Apr 17

    I’ve been really interested by these but haven’t seen them in my local Superdrug yet. I have tried the moisture bomb mask though. Great read lovely.
    Emily-May x

    • suzanne johnston | 11th Apr 17

      thank you Emily-May so pleased you liked it! the masks are amazing and so refreshing 🙂
      I really hope you manage to get them soon, have you tried Boots? you can purchase them there too!
      Suzanne xx

  4. Ellie | 12th Apr 17

    I’ve been looking for a new moisturiser and these sound perfect. I’d heard about the masks but not the moisturisers but I definitely want to try all of them! They sound so nice.

    Ellie x

    • suzanne johnston | 13th Apr 17

      Oh you should definitely try them! so so moisturising! the sheet mask are incredible to aren’t they, thank you for reading my post really appreciate, suzanne xx

  5. Emily-May | 18th Apr 17

    Oh I do love the moisture bomb collection. I’ve tried all the sheet masks but not the moisturisers yet. Might have to pick them up!
    Emily-May x

    • suzanne johnston | 19th Apr 17

      Its a great collection isn’t it! its the most refreshing moisturisers i have tried in a ling time, you will love the sheets masks xx

  6. Rachel Maslin (Beauty and the Ballroom) | 24th Apr 17

    Great review. They sound lovely! I do like gel-cream moisturisers and this one is cheaper than my Clinique one…might have to give this a try ? X

    • suzanne johnston | 26th Apr 17

      Thank you rachel, you will love it and at such an affordable price i don’t think you will be disappointed xx

  7. Isabella | 1st Jun 17

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