Does The Clinique Repairwear Anti-Gravity Eye Cream really Work?

Hey Lovelies, So I have final managed to write my review on the Clinique Repairwear Anti-gravity eye Cream, Back in January with my christmas vouchers I decided to purchase this beauty because I am starting to really see signs of ageing which is giving me the midlife crisis scare, Since having lucie 7 years I suffer from puffiness under my eyes, I can’t say I haven’t been getting much sleep because lucie has always been great sleeper, I drink at least 2 litres of water a day so I have no idea whats happening there, but they are there, I have also noticed fine lines round the sides of my eyes which aren’t bad but I see them, everyone I know thinks I daft and that I’m fine, you know yourself that when you’re in front of your mirror you can’t help but pick out your flaws, this needs to change so that’s why I decided on the Clinique Repairer anti-gravity eye cream.

The Clinique Repairer anti-gravity eye cream has a Velvety rich formula which firms, lifts and brightens the look of the eye area. It says it helps hydrate the eye area whilst erasing the look of fine lines and builds cushion into time-thinned skin. The serum has to be used twice a day, morning and night to get the full effect.

I feel this eye cream is quite a rich cream which may put some people off. I found however that it was nice and velvety on my skin and did not feel too rich. I felt it so hydrating and gave my eyes a brighter look.

When applying I would use my ring finger for the eye area, as you are advised to do and softly dab it around the eye, you can even with a light hand smooth your finger around your eye in a circular motion, be gentle and careful not to pull at your skin around your eye, this is what creates wrinkle.

Whilst I was testing this cream I did notice the fine lines seem smoother and less visible, my under eye seemed brighter and my overall eye looks more awake, the is huge for me because I have always had problems with puffy eyes and tiredness, I’m one of those girls that wakes up looking like some kind of Ogor from the film trolls until I get myself in that bathroom and splash my face and comb my hair, it really is that bad, none of this I WOKE UP LIKE THIS for me lol.

What I find difficult is being diligent, if I don’t see results quick I’m over it, I move on, that’s not how it works, when it comes to beauty products you need to give it time, 4 weeks roughly before you see proper results, some may say 2 weeks, it all depends on the product and yourself, but I feel its safe to give yourself 4 weeks. your eyes are you main focus on your face and can make you age, scary isn’t it.


I do feel this is a great product, I noticed it reduced the puffiness around my eye area noticeably, Eye area looked and felt hydrated, more awake, a little goes a long way, the only thing would be the price, this can be a put off however in this day and age you have to pay the price for good ingredients.

I would purchase again for sure and it would be great to try the other products in this line to see how they make a difference.







  1. Rachel | 6th Mar 17

    Great post…like you I want quick results or I move on! I have just started using the Repairwear Laser Focus eye cream from Clinique and am really liking it…more for fine lines than puffiness but I’m impressed that for a thicker cream (I’m used to All About Eyes by Clinique which is more of a gel) it seems to sink in really well. Lovely blog x

    • suzanne johnston | 7th Mar 17

      Hi Rachel, Thank you so much! I’m so pleased you like my blog!! your totally right, for a cream so thick it really does sink in well which doesn’t affect your makeup! i hope you get the results like i did it! its a great feeling when you fine a product that actually works xxx

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