Choosing the Right Head piece for your Wedding Day!

Hi my lovely Brides to be!

Looking for that perfect head-piece to go with your perfect dress? What head piece will suit you best? Well a lot of it depends on your face shape and hairstyle! There’s a headpiece to suit every face shape, from the popular wedding crowns to the more traditional wedding combs.

HAIRSTYLES – Wedding hairstyles help to provide volume and height if you need it. Think tousled waves or messy up-dos. Or a sleek, modern affair with a dramatic side-part can create shape while minimising height. Once you know what hairstyle your gong for this should start helping the process.

FACE SHAPES –  Most people fall into the following face shapes – oval, heart, round, long, square and triangle. I know!! I bet you didn’t realise there was so many, whatever your face shape there is going to something that will suit you so finding a head-piece will be relatively easy.

When you decide on the shape of your face and combine it with the style of hair you want to go for then your good to go, i have put below in categories of face shape to give you some ideas.


If your jaw is slightly narrower than you temples, then you’re an Oval. Lucky for you this is probably the easiest face shape to pull off most head pieces. Choosing to have low side buns or wavy out styles  you won’t have any problems.


A heart-shaped face is one that is wider at the temples and hair lines with your chin being slightly pointed. A head-piece you are best looking for is one that highlights your eyes and your cheek bones. Look for a head-piece that goes above your ears or along your hair-line, help drawing attention to your cheek bones. Halo and traditional head pieces are perfect for a heart-shaped face.


For an example if you have a round face shape then your goal is to create less volume around the face by finding a bridal headpiece that will help make your face look longer, Avoid a piece with too much fullness at the sides – so a large flower behind your ear probably isn’t the best option. Instead, a wide headband or a rhinestone comb positioned to the side can soften the lines and will draw attention to your eyes. If you have a petite round face, choose a thinner headband or a crown. Hopefully you understand where I’m coming from.


The perfect head-piece for a long shaped face would be one that doesn’t lengthen your face, but adds width. Going for full and perfect waves and choosing a head-piece that can be placed softly amongst the waves.This will draw attention to your cheek bones giving the illusion of a wider face.


A square face shape features a straight forehead and a straight line from the forehead to the jaw. When looking for a perfect head-piece your best to draw attention away from you angular jaw. Choose a head-piece that can be placed at the temples of your head which will add length to your face. Avoid anything near your ears or anything large. having a style at the side of your head with a wide headband would be perfect.


Triangle face is one with a dominant jaw line that narrows at the cheekbones and temples.Your goal here is to widen your forehead and narrowing your chin. you will be looking for a head-piece that you can wear near the temples to draw attention away from your chin.

I hope this has helped you and if there is anything that you would like to see a post on please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help.





  1. Laura | 27th Apr 17

    These are all so beautiful! I’m trying to decide if I want a headpiece or not at my wedding with my veil. I haven’t found the right one yet!

    Laura || xx

    • suzanne johnston | 2nd May 17

      Many won’t think its a big deal picking your head piece but it really is!! once you see it, you will know! one thing I do know is that you will look beautiful with or without xx

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