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Well It’s the new year ladies, I hope you all had a wonderful time and your all set to bring it on in 2017, I know I am!! We all start the year with goals we want to achieve and start mapping out what are plans are going to be, for a million of you it will be planning your wedding day! Now this is going to be the most exciting time for you, do not get yourself stressed, there is so many planners and organisers out there that can keep you right helping you not miss a thing, I will have a post on this coming soon.

So for those of you lucky enough to be getting married in 2017 there are going to be plenty to organising so hopefully this year I am going to be able to help with that.

I would like to start the year off with one of the most favourite things in my life and that’s makeup.
Sometimes this can be a last-minute thing to arrange but I feel its good to put a lot of thought into it as you do not want to look back and regret the look you went for, I am a huge lover of pinterest so this would be a good place to start by getting some ideas on what you are looking for, some brides like to be soft and simple look and there are brides that like the middle of the road with soft eyes but with dramatic eyelashes, then you have the looks that go all out, what ever you go for you know you will go with what suits you and your style.

After you have decided on what look you want then its time to start searching out a great makeup artist, on my wedding day I done my own makeup myself, reason being is because I love to do makeup and I feel I know exactly what ways to makes my eyes look bigger and how to smoke them out, products to make my skin look flawless, I just felt more comfortable and again I will have a post coming soon on what makeup I wore on my wedding day. I know that not everybody is comfortable doing their own makeup so that’s why getting a makeup artist to do it for you would be worth the money and take the pressure off.
Once you have found the one, arrange to have a trial, this is very important because they may show you lovely pictures on other girls however they might not do exactly what you want, if you’re not happy then you look for someone else until you have it perfect, remember its going to be the most important day so making sure you look and feel beautiful is essential, having trials is the best way to go, you can even have them do your bridesmaids to.

I have put together some makeup looks that I think are just beautiful and will help all types of styles.

I hope I have helped and given you some ideas. I have so much planned this year for my bridal blog but if there is anything that you would like me to cover please let me know, I would love to if you have any ideas.



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