BaByliss Diamond 2200W Hair Dryer

Are you looking for a new hairdryer that actually makes a difference? Well I have an option for your today and that is the BaByliss Diamond 2200W Hair Dryer, this hairdryer is amazing and I had to let you all know.

Not that long ago I had a tresseme hairdryer that I loved, it was power and dried my hair great well at least I thought it did until I cam across the BaByliss Diamond 2200W Hair Dryer, My treseme dryer was dying a slow death, it was stopping all the time for no reason, it started over heating, it just wasn’t good, its time was coming to an end.  I really didn’t know much about the BaByliss Diamond 2200W Hair Dryer when I bought it, it just looked great and ticked all the boxes for me.

What it can do

The BaByliss Diamond 2200W Hair Dryer features diamond infused ceramic technology to calm frizz and leave hair beautifully silky smooth and soft, This powerful 2200 watt hair dryer from BaByliss has a salon professional motor for super fast drying. I have shoulder length hair  so I can have my hair dried within 3 minutes, it also has The Diamond Radiance Shine System uses luxuriously smooth diamond infused ceramic with active ionic conditioners which helps transforms my hair for super smoothness and gives the most beautiful shine I have ever had. I have quite frizzy hair that needs a lot of work to get it to sit and look the way that I want it so when I first used this I actually couldn’t believe how frizz free my hair was, and as soon as I straightened my hair it looked so soft and smooth, something that would take a lot longer to achieve.
·  Diamond infused ceramic technology

·  Active ionic-frizz control

·  2200W salon power Professional AC motor

·  3 heat/2 speed settings plus Cold shot

·  Salon slim styling nozzle

·  3m cord

  5 year guarantee


Lets talk about how powerful the BaByliss Diamond 2200W is, there is a running joke about when I blow dry my hair, the kids run for cover and my husband shakes his head and walks out ha, that is how powerful this hairdryer is, as I have stated above I can have my hair dried in minutes, giving me the insurance that I am causing less damage to my hair and get the results im looking for.


The design

The design of the BaByliss Diamond 2200W has a beautiful sleek and classy look about it, it has a deep black tone with a gradual diamond affect going down to the tip,


Overall thoughts

I personal feel this is a fantastic hair dryer, I really didn’t think a hair dryer could impress me so much as this one has, the fact that it looks great, dry my hair in minutes and helps minimise frizz and give my hair a beautiful shine, now that ticks a lot of boxes for a lady so I would highly recommend if you’re looking for a new hair dryer then have a look at the BaByliss Diamond 2200W.

If you are interested and want to purchase the Bayliss Diamond 2200W then click here





  1. Jessica Jade | 26th Apr 17

    Absolutely loved this post, I used to have a Babyliss hairdryer and adored it, I’ll definitely be adding this to my list because I think mines on it’s way out haha (hopefully not though haha) It looks beautiful too, love the look of it!

    Jessica Jade

  2. Gabrielle Crystal RoseBonniee ~ | 27th Apr 17

    Looks like something what´s actually worth buying. Thank you for the review!

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

    • suzanne johnston | 2nd May 17

      Im so glad you liked it!! Its such a great dryer I had to spread the word so you should keep this one in mind if you ever need a new one, thank you for your comment xxx

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