Accessories Your Flower Girls For Your Wedding Day

Are Flower girls not one of the most precious parts of your wedding? It was for me anyway, I had the pleasure of having my 2 beautiful daughters! at the time Lucie was 5 and Alesha was 2 so if you can imagine, they were the most stunning littles girls I have ever seen ( I know I’m biased), when the moment came and the girls started to walk down the aisle, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, they melted everyone’s hearts and the place was full of gasps making them add to the magical day it was.

So when trying to arrange how your flower girl(s) are going to look, it can be pretty much the same style of dress however if you add that unique touch and accessories your wee cherubs, this will make them pop and stand out, not that they really need  that, but let’s face it, these days we just can’t help ourselves, we just have to accessories.

Below I have put together some ideas of a few ways you can add that pop and make your flower girls the second star of the show.

Flower girl dresses with a hint of sparkle, that little hint can be enough depending on the style of dress.

Accessorize their dresses with cute little cow boy boots. Or have a mini me in a long white dress! This can look cute!

Have a custom made head band that can match yourself or have it unique specially for them! I know they will absolutely love to have their nails painted too!! I know my girls are obsessed with this!

Give your tiny maids a flower girl baton. Made with pretty flowers and ribbons they’ll have so much fun waving it around! Or what about this giant paper peony? Super pretty.

Let’s go that little bit further, accessories your flower girls with a cute dog….a flower girl and a dog. doesn’t get any cuter.

Flower girls, tutu’s and ballet flats. Awesome combo, that grey tulle is so pretty.

A Flower girl that is filled with sequence and sparkle is my kinda flower girl, and I know for a fact that she wont stop twirling all day long.

I really hope that my post has helped you get inspired and I would love to hear about your day and ideas.

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