Are you trying to get your head around what type of honeymoon you are looking for? with everything that you are trying to organise for your big day, this can be a daunting task however can also be an exciting one because you know that after the excitement from your day you know that you have your honeymoon to look forward too.
While it can be a bit overwhelming trying to plan a big trip while also planning a wedding, think of your honeymoon as not only a time to relax with your new spouse, but a sort of light at the end of the planning tunnel. A time when you can sit back and relax and comprehend what had just happened and start to enjoy your married life.

The first things you want to think of is WHEN and WHERE you want to go, do you want to go the day after your wedding or do you want to give yourself a couple of weeks to soak in your beautiful memories. When thinking on WHEN you want to go you can then decide on WHERE will be hot and at the right temperature for you, are you looking for a luxurious Caribbean holiday or a romantic european that you want to spend your quality alone time together to start your married life. whatever you choose it will be perfect for you both.

So today I have decided to give you a helping hand on choosing the perfect European honeymoon starting with:


Italy is a dream place that I would love to go to, being a lover of italian food this destination would be perfect, to go and experience the rightful place for pasta, cheeses etc, they have the perfect landscapes and there beaches are so beautiful, so perfect to bring out the romantic side in you both, there are so many locations in Italy to choose from, below are 3 locations that will be a dream to go to.

ROME – Formerly the capital of ITALY, located in the central region of Lazio, Rome is a historic and modern location to go to with ancient romantic plazas to stunning Cathedrals.

TUSCANY – ITALYS most famous region, Tuscany is full of stunning hills of green scenery, if you are looking to get involved in wine tasting and relaxing in the country side, this will be perfect for you.

VENICE – One of the best places to visit in ITALY, I would love to go, this city is a unique city that is built on water surrounded by the Adriatic sea, couldn’t get anymore romantic.


Now what can I say about GREECE… I have been to a few locations in GREECE, this is probably one of the most romantic islands in the world, stunning white buildings with breathtaking views, so keep this place in mind. there are many lots of perfect places to visit in GREECE.

CORFU – What a beautiful island to spend your first days of married life, Corfu was a beautiful island with friendly and cheerful residents, It is well known for its romantic spots such as Liston, Kampielo and Pontikonisi.

SANTORINI – this destination is known as the most romantic islands in GREECE, it is for sure the main Honeymoon location for Honeymooners with the crisp white builds and breathtaking scenery.

SYMI – An island that is small and picturesque, idea for a couples retreat with beautiful homes scattered across the beach and stunning harbours, a place to look into.


Portugal is a fabulous place to go with their beautiful culture, old town cable streets and hidden beaches , this would be a perfect place for young couples to go, I went to Portugal years ago and I’m desperate to go back, I miss their friendly and care free nature.

ALGARVE – With the sun sea and sand this is the perfect place to relax on the most stunning beaches with the traditional old towns to walk to for refreshments, I would highly recommend this location.

CONRAD – this location is definitely the romantic place to go with its remote cove locations and stunning beach locations, you will never be lost of something to do.

TAVERN – This is apparently the queen of the PORTUGAL towns, it oozes with romance, with your romantic night strolls to the ancient castles and beautiful views, this would be perfect for you.



Good old SPAIN, the original location that everybody loves to go to, whether it’s for a family holiday to a romantic honeymoon, you won’t be disappointed with SPAIN, SPAIN have everything however you do have to be clever with where you want to go and the right location, so I have put below 3 perfect location for those looking for romantic retreat.

GRANADA – Such a beautiful place to go to spend some quality time together, this location is full of places to take late night strolls together and watch the sunset together.

TOLEDO – This location is full of your medieval streets and fairytale castles, so if you’re all about sightseeing and exploring this will be perfect.

MALLORCA – Sunshine filled location, with the opportunity to use your time shopping and exploring, this is a great location for the good old traditional beach holiday.



Now this blog wouldn’t be complete without adding thee most romantic place in the world, yes its FRANCE, now this is a place I would looove to go to, when you think romance you think of FRANCE and I then drift off into a world of my own and think of sitting outside a cafe on a cobble square sipping wine eating croissants, that sounds cheesy doesn’t it, this is the way it is in FRANCE, apart from the cities there are also vineyards and breathtaking views of green hills in the heart of the countryside.

PARIS – There are s many dreamy things to do in Paris, from sitting outdoor cafe sipping wine and walking hand in hand down the romantic streets, this would be a stunning place to go.

SANCERRE – Spend your time in vineyards tasting all the delicious wines, admire all the ancient scenery and spend your time in the countryside.

LYON – the old town of Lyon is the perfect romantic location, with the reputation for having tremendous foods you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and places to go to.

I hope that I have helped to make it a wee bit easier for you to choose that perfect location, I would also love to hear where you have planned to spend your first days of married life.


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