Wanting To Know All About Color Correcting?

Concealer is without a doubt the biggest must-have product to keep in your makeup bag. It covers a multitude of issues from unsightly blemishes and small breakouts to dark circles and beyond. But if you’re dealing with more harsh skincare realities like rosacea, acne scars, dark spots or mild to extreme skin discoloration, a color correcting concealer applied before your foundation and concealer will do the trick!

What is Color Correcting?

Color correcting is the beauty trend everyone’s buzzing about, Color correcting is neutralizing facial discolorations by applying contrasting makeup shades over them to help diminish your issue, and it is the huge craze right now, however to makeup artist this not new to them, in fact it is old news because makeup artist have been using this technique for decades and have perfected it like art! As the times move forward loads of beauty company s going from high end to low end  have been bring out amazing color correctors of their own, from pressed palettes to liquid form, there are a vast amount of options your spoilt for choice.

To give you an example, green is opposite to red, which makes them complementary colors. Complementary colors effectively cancel one another out, so if you dab some green concealer on top of anything red (like rosacea, acne or scars), that redness is immediately neutralized.

Color correctors come in various shades that address specific complexion concerns you may have. If colour correcting concealers are slightly outside of your comfort zone, See below each colour correction explanation that you can reference to know exactly what each colour does and which ones you need for your skin concerns…

Yellow: Corrects mild redness on all skin types. Also cancels blue or purple tones (from bruises or broken capillaries)

Green: Neutralizes intense redness on all skin types. Perfect for covering rosacea, mild sunburn, acne, dermatitis, birthmarks, ruddy skin and rashes

Purple/Lavender: Cancels dark under-eye circles and brightens dullness (by neutralizing unwanted dull yellow undertones) on light to tan/olive medium skin.

Pink/Salmon: Covers dark under-eye circles and brightens dullness on pale, fair to light skin.

Peach/Apricot: Cancels dark under-eye circles and covers hyper pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars or bruises on light to medium skin.

Orange: Cancels dark under-eye circles and covers brown spots, acne scars or (blue) bruises on medium tan to deep skin.

Red: Cancels dark under-eye circles and dark spots on very deep skin.

Blue: Brightens sallowness and hyper pigmentation on fair to light skin. Also cancels out any orange discoloration (like overly orange self-tanner stains)

How to use color-correcting concealers:

I know all of this will sound so overwhelming because it was for me, so I will give you a small description of what you can do,

once you’ve got your color corrector, you want to make sure your skin is moisturized and primed before using a corrector. Then apply the proper color correcting concealer (with either your fingers or a concealer brush) to your trouble spots like acne scars, dark spots or under eye circles….use the corrector only where you need it!

Once you’ve blended the color corrector, allow it to set for a few seconds and then apply your foundation and concealer on top, and then you will see a flawless face.

I know this is yet another added step to add to your makeup routine, however sometimes it is a necessary one that you won’t grudge doing.

Below I have listed some Higher End and Lower End Color correcting products:

Higher End

ARTDECO Most Wanted Colour Correcting Palette

NAKED SKIN Colour Correcting Fluid


Smashbox Colour Corrector Primer

Lower End

Barry M Colour Correcting Kit

Rimmel London Insta Conceal & Correct Palette

Sleek MakeUP Colour Corrector Palette

NYX Professional Makeup 3c Palette – Conceal, Correct, Contour

MUA Pro Base Prime & Conceal Palette


I hope this has been helpful and as always please do not hesitate to contact me with regards to any post you would like to see.





  1. Katja | 15th Jun 17

    This was exactly what I needed! Girl you’re a lifesaver! I’ve been dying to try these colour correctors but not had a clue what to do and been too embarrassed to ask.
    Katja xxx

    • suzanne johnston | 22nd Jun 17

      Im soo happy this will help you Katja, I know that the color correction world is a difficult one to get your head around, writing this post helped me too lol Heres to perfect skin xxxx

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