The Best Glitter Eyeshadow – Glittereyes Reviews

Looking for thee best Glitter Eyeshadows? Well I have the product you!!

I have only had these palettes for a couple of weeks and I could wait to start writing about them, I have them sitting on my dressing table for me to admire and try to plan a time for me to put them on! I would wear these everyday if I could.

About Glitter eye:

Glittereyes  is a  new UK based company that are expanding at a fast rate, there products are all hand-made with over 130 shades, ranging from soft coffee browns, muted gun-metal greys to the bright and bold pinks and purples. A great part of the glittereyes that appeals to me is the fact that there products are suitable for children as young as 3, now with me having a 7 and a 4-year-old this is great, especially when my 7 year olds eyes nearly popped out her head when she seen them. There Glitter is non toxic and has no sharp edges so is perfectly safe for children right up to adults, I think this is brilliant and makes Glittereyes even more special to me. Glittereyes main products are there Glittereyes kits, Pressed Glitters and XtraSparkles Pots, they have a vast range that just are so beautiful, Oh and I do have to say that they are also 100% vegan, they are not tested on animals.


This was a very hard task for me trying to choose what I wanted, especially when I wanted everything!! So I had to keep it together and I eventually went for 2 wonderful palettes:

Romance Duo: Rose/Mocha

I absolutely adore this duo, the colours are perfect for an evening event, Rose and Mocha are the perfect combination to create a deeper smokey look that will last all night, and easy to take off.

Romance Trio: Mocha/Shimmering Sands/Barelythere

beautiful Trio that gives you an option for different looks, going with mocha again to create a smokey look, Shimering sands can be used to create a soft look or layer it on to bring out the gold goddess in you, Barely There I find is the most subtle out of the 3, you can put this on top of any colour and it will look gorgeous with a soft layer, to layering it on to make it pop.

Overall thoughts

Well I think I have made it quite obvious of my feelings towards these palettes, If I ever need glitter eyeshadows, Glitter for your face or hair then this is the company I will go to, the pigmentation is insane and with the help of some fix + or any setting spray, these glitters will not be going anywhere throughout your night, perfect for hen nights, parties, weddings, holidays, festivals, clubbing etc Go check them out, I would highly recommend!

If you have tried any of the Glittereyes, I would love to know your thoughts!

If you are interested in the Glittereyes range then Click Here to head over to there website.




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